Metal Finishes

Choice of Panel Finishes


Panels are available in a variety of finishes styles and in approved NSF, UL, FM, or standard construction. Please specify when ordering. The experts at TKS Cold Storage Mfg. and Costruction can also provide consultation on panel selections to fit your requirements.
The following selections are standardly available for the exterior of the walk-in boxes:

Galvanized Metal

26GA hot-dipped galvanized steel. Available in stucco embossed or smooth.  We can provide a higher gauge, if needed.


.032 stucco embossed aluminum. A mixture of aluminum and galvanized metal. Aluminum by itself has a tendency to be soft.

Baked White Epoxy

26GA baked white finish on stucco embossed galvanized steel.
Ideal for projects requiring USDA approval.


While our standard baked on enamel epoxy paint is designed to perform under normal wash-down conditions and wet environment. We also offer a Plastisol finish under applications where harsh industrial chemicals and heavy-duty pressure washing occurs. This finish is design clad onto metal to reduce corrosion and discoloration for years operations. The Powder coat paint is an electrostatic painted spray process.

Fiberglass Board

Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) is a corrosion proof, impact resistant, non-conductive material that will not absorb moisture, rust, warp, twist, or support bacterial growth. Also ideal for projects requiring FDA/USDA approval.

Stainless Steel

22GA Brushed stainless steel type 304 #4.

Kynar 500® Exterior Finish

Kynar 500® is a PVDF resin finish industrial paint which helps protect commercial and industrial buildings.  The resin is a long-life coating for aluminum, galvanized steel, and aluminized steel. Applications include metal roofing and siding door frames, and other miscellaneous metal trim and components. This finish comes with a 20-year warranty.


Other finishes may be available upon request. Inquire the details from our TKS professionals.