Heatcraft / Larkin

Evaporator Coils

Slim Contour Unit Cooler

The Slim Contour, an innovative unit cooler with space-saving design offers enhanced serviceability and maximum cooling performance for the food service industry. The Slim Contour unit cooler is ideal for applications where maximizing storage capacity in a walk-in cooler is critical. At less than 11 inches in height, this unit cooler has a 30% reduction in unit height compared to traditional unit coolers in the market today.

Low Velocity Center Mount Coils

The low velocity center mount units, available in air, electric, and hot gas defrost, with a height of 10 inches, are ideal for floral storage, fresh fruit and vegetables, dough retarding, fresh meat storage and preparations, and many other applications. The low air flow and quiet fans are classically suited for work room applications. The generous coil surface combined with close T.D. system balance provides high humidity characteristics to minimize product shrinkage and drying. Opting for EC motors or the Beacon II™ Refrigeration System makes this product qualified to be included in the E Solutions™product portfolio because of increased energy efficiency and cost savings.

Extended Thin Profile

Extended Thin Profile LTA & LTL unit coolers are the most compact designed units for reach in display cases. The unit’s low height (under 9 inches) design allows the unit to ‘hide’ at the top of the cooler, which gives the case a cleaner look and also allows for more room for shelves and product.These units have front access end panels for easy access to the refrigerant and electrical compartments, along with modular front access panels that make it easy to access the motors. Internally enhanced tube design produces better unit performance. Better performance, easy installation, serviceability and high quality make this unit the perfect fit for your display case needs.


Low Profile Cooler & Freezer Coils

The low profile unit cooler, available in air, electric, and hot gas defrost, is designed for maximum capacity while occupying a minimum amount of space (15 inches high) inside a walk-in cooler or freezer. These units are ideal for many applications including restaurants and convenience stores. Opting for EC motors or the Beacon II™ Refrigeration System makes this product qualified to be included in the E Solutions™ product portfolio because of increased energy efficiency and cost savings.

Medium Profile

Medium profile unit coolers, available in air, electric, and hot gas defrost, are ideal for numerous commercial and industrial applications. With a modular design that is only 25 inches high, these units provide superior quality and a long, dependable life for many different applications. Opting for EC motors or the Beacon II™ Refrigeration System makes this product qualified to be included in the E Solutions™ product portfolio because of increased energy efficiency and cost savings.

Warehouse Cooler and Freezer Coils

The large unit cooler line, available in air, electric, and hot gas defrost, is ideal for warehouse cooler/freezer applications. These superior quality, heavy duty evaporators are available in a wide range of capacities to support many applications and have a height of 40 11/32 inches. Opting for EC motors or the Beacon II™ Refrigeration System makes this product qualified to be included in the E Solutions™ product portfolio because of increased energy efficiency and cost savings.

Condensing Units

1/2 - 6HP Air-cooled Condensing Units

Cabinet and Construction

  • Microchannel coil technology standard on most units
  • Painted steel cabinets for superior strength and corrosion protection
  • Heavy duty steel raised base with 1-1/2” legs
  • Fan guards and wiring conduit on indoor models


  • Suction service valves for hermetic and scroll compressors located outside the cabinet for quick installations. Semi-hermetic compressor models have a suction valve on the compressor and an access fitting on the suction line entering the cabinet.
  • Receiver with fusible plug, liquid shutoff valve and charging port is standard
  • Large electrical panel for ease of access
  • Prefabricated wiring harnesses for tight crimp connections and consistent labeling
  • Unit stays on if the hood is removed for servicing
  • Sight glass is easily viewable


  • All units are completely leak tested in a helium environment, bump tested and allowed to cycle off on the high and low pressure control. Each unit has a copy of the run data shipped inside the electrical panel
  • Electrical circuits are completely checked for continuity
  • Piping is laid out to minimize stress and vibration and is pre-bent to eliminate leaks
  • Encapsulated, auto-reset, high and low pressure controls to eliminate leaks (standard on all high and medium temperature models, adjustable low pressure control standard on low temperature models)



  • Specifically matched with motor and coil to attain maximum air movement and cooling


  • Rated for 50 and 60 cycle application
  • Standard PSC or optional Variable Speed EC (VSEC) motors with Orbus Controller


  • Wide variety of compressors including: hermetic, semi-hermetic and scroll. R-404A/507 available for both medium and low temperature applications (R-407A/R-407C available on select Scroll & Hermetic Models, andR- 448A/R-449A available on select Scroll & Hermetic Models)
  • Spring-mounted compressors with vibration eliminators on all 1-1/2 to 6 HP semi-hermetic compressors; 1/2 to 1 HP semi-hermetic compressors are rigid mounted and have a discharge loop
  • Discharge service valves come standard on all units including hermetics


3 - 22HP Scroll & Discus Model Condensing Units

Standard Features

  • Floating Tube™ coil design• Suction and discharge vibration eliminators with Copeland Discus® compressors
  • Spring mounting with Discus® compressors
  • Fixed high and adjustable low pressure switches
  • Discharge line check valve with medium and low temperature Copeland Scroll compressors
  • Discharge line thermostat with medium temperature Scroll compressors
  • Liquid injection with low temperature Scroll compressors• Manual pumpdown switch• Refrigeration-duty, rifled copper condenser tubing
  • Crankcase heater and head pressure valve on all outdoor units
  • Sight glass and permanent liquid line filter

Better Performance

  • Enhanced grill design gives 25% to 40% increase in free-air area
  • Electrical box located out of air stream
  • Vertical receiver needs less refrigerant for liquid seal

Faster Access

  • Base valve and high & low pressure taps on outside of unit
  • Removable grill for access to all serviceable parts
  • Improved access to fan motors & components
  • Lighter, one-piece top
  • Easy-to-view sight glass location

Easier Service

  • Better access to components for easier repair
  • Compact design allows for better jobsite placement & installation
  • Dual isolation valves on receiver

Greater Reliability

  • Floating Tube™ coil design eliminates tube-sheet leaks
  • Pre-bent tubing reduces mechanical joints
  • State-of-the-art factory leak-detection ensures highest quality
12 - 40HP Vertical Air Discharge Units

Features & Benefits

The 12-40 HP single compressor vertical condensing units and 24-80 HP dual compressor vertical condensing units are
designed to meet the needs of a demanding commercial and industrial refrigeration market. The product is configured to
be flexible in its design and construction to allow it to respond to the requirements of refrigeration contractors, consulting
engineers and facility owners/operators. The Floating Tube™ coil design incorporated in the product provides reliability
against tube sheet leaks.

Cabinet and Construction

  • All units feature the Floating Tube™ coil which eliminates tube sheet leaks
  • Painted steel cabinet for superior strength and corrosion resistance
  • Dual compressor models available in standard or parallel-piped configurations


  • Manual pumpdown switch on all units Convenient access panels to easily service internal components
  • Large electrical panel to facilitate ease of access

Energy Efficiency

  • California Title 24 compliant when configured with available engineered-to-order options. Consult your Heatcraft Representative for applicable model specific options.


  • Sight glass is easily viewable
  • Fixed high and adjustable low pressure switch
  • Refrigeration duty, rifled copper condenser tubing
  • Piping is laid out to minimize stress and vibration and  is pre-bent to eliminate braze joints, where possible, to reduce leak potential
  • All joints are sweat type connections, no mechanical joints to leak
  • Separate subcooling circuit in condenser for added capacity and vapor free liquid
  • Pressure relief valve on receiver



  • Spring-mounted compressors with suction and discharge eliminators
  • Receivers are sized for sufficient pumpdown capacity with inlet and outlet service valves


  • Single compressor models available with Variable Speed EC (VSEC) Motors


  • Sight glass and permanent liquid line filter

PRO3™ Packaged Refrigeration System

PRO3™ Packaged Refrigeration System

Larkin brings you the simplest, most reliable walk-in refrigeration system solution in a single package! The ('pro 'kyübd) system comes ready to mount on top of the cooler or freezer and requires minimal space. The evaporator section is located outside of the box allowing for maximum use of refrigerated space inside the box.

• System is fully assembled at the factory and backed up by Larkin's superior quality control.
• Electronic controls provide accurate temperature control.
• Liquid line filter drier. (medium and large cabinet only)
• Two-year parts warranty.

Ease of Installation
• Simple, quick installation with no piping or loose components to install gives you savings on labor.
• Installation takes a fraction of the time required for a split system.
• Evaporator grill mounts flush on or recessed in a standard 4" ceiling panel to allow for more storage in the cooler or freezer.
• Models come with a condensate evaporation pan eliminating the need for a drain line.

Ease of Use
• Most models come with a 26"power cord ready to plug in.
• System is factory assembled, evacuated, charged, run tested and wired.
• No additional components required.
• Controls preset for typical applications +35°F for coolers, -10°F for freezers and are easy to adjust. (019L6 Set for 0°F)