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Flooring finishes are available in galvanized metal, stainless steel, and diamond-plated aluminum. Our standard insulated panel floor includes a 3/4" plywood wrapped with selected metal finish. Standard load for the floor panel is 600 lbs. per square ft.. Our reinforced insulated floors are appropriate for both foot traffic and hand trucks.

Our heavy duty reinforced floor with 1-1/8" reinforced plywood and diamond plate steel can withstand over 1000 lbs. per square ft.. This reinforcement is suitable for ligtweight pallet jack use.

For heavier loads and the use of forklift, we recommend an insulated concrete floor. An insulated concrete can be installed below the existing surface, or raised above the existing floor for better price value. Contact our design department for construction details.
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Ramps (interior or exterior) are available as accessories to insulated panel floors. The standard ramps are made from wood construction and 26-gauge galvanized steel. Optional finishes include diamond-plated aluminum.

Flooring: Flooring plays a significant and intricate role to your operations. Specifying and installing the proper flooring is essential to a successful operation. From floor treatments to insulation materials, installing the right material is imperative for extending the life of your floor.Generally speaking, cooler floors are much easier to treat since most often the only consideration is the finish on the concrete floor, assuming it is in good condition. That is not to say that insulating cooler floors is not recommended. The fact is concrete is not an insulator and not insulating the cooler is comparable to a drippy faucet. You are paying for a larger refrigeration system to compensate for the inefficiency and higher utility costs for neglecting insulating a cooler floor.

That said, most people forgo that expense to use their resources on the freezer floors.

Freezer floors: Insulating freezer floors is not an option, it is a requirement to prevent floor from heaving, buckling, cracking and icing. While it may take some time before you see the result of floor buckling when it will happen over time, and it will happen, it is a very expensive repair.

What happens: Condensation occurs as a result of the earth temperature and the freezing temperature in the cold storage room. When condensation occurs in a freezer, it evolves into ice. As the ice expands, it causes the concrete floor to buckle.

Floor treatments: Other treatments include vapor barriers, thermal breaks and some kind of heating treatment. Heating the floor prevents condensation below ground. It also prevents the floor from icing. When the floor starts to ice, your forklift will lose traction during your operation.

Heat treatments: Insulating your floor and including a heating system will eliminate this problem. You have a number of options when it comes to heating your floors. In some cases, installing a simple air exchange system can work fine but most instances, having a more assured process may be a better option. A Glycol underfoot heating system with a warning system is utilizing a brazed plate heat exchanger to recover “FREE HEAT” from the compressor discharge is an effective measure for heating your floor.

Electrical heat tape is also a method for heating the concrete flooring. This is a low-voltage system that is programmable. It also includes a warning system and repair is a much simpler process.

Prefabricated flooring: Prefabricated flooring is the standard of the industry. These floors are delivered in sections and assembled at your place of business. Prefab floors are typically used for lower volume operations. A standard prefab floor is ideal when using hand truck storage. Heavy duty prefab floors with a diamond plate metal finish can handle pallet jack storage. However, factories typically will not warranty prefab floors when using a pallet jack for storage because it is unclear how much weight is being placed on the floor. Under no condition can you use a fork lift on a prefabricated floor.

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