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Compressors & Coils


Refrigeration Compressors CaliforniaTurn Key Systems offers a range of selections for refrigeration components to suit your business applications.

We feature components from reputable manufacturers, such as:
• Copeland®
• Keeprite®
• Larkin®
• LRC®

TKS expert will work together with you to create a business package for your refrigeration requirements.


Refrigeration engineering is a hallmark of Turn Key Systems service for over thirty years. We design systems to perform during your peak period when your demand reaches the highest point. Production time and reliability is critical to your business success. We understand that it is paramount to assess all the variables when calculating your refrigeration (BTU) load.

Some contractors will elect to use a ‘standard load’ when they quote a system and don’t always consider some important variables. Consequently your system may not perform as well when loading products in your cold storage room. Your product creates heat load even if it’s only 5ºƒ warmer when you are loading thousands of pounds of product during the course of a day.

Your system also may not work well during your peak times, when you are processing large loading inventory and it happens to be the hotter times of the year. It’s also important to consider the door opening time when sizing your equipment. 40% of refrigeration (BTU) loss occurs at the door. Also when an employee leaves the door open, the room temperature can rise dramatically, compromising your product and creating serious problems such as icing of the evaporator coil. A well-engineered system can account for these conditions and overcome these problems.

Operators should know that some sales people will under size a system to offer a cheaper price and some sales people over size a system in an attempt to impress an operator. When a system is undersized or oversized the design can lead to a host of problems and lead to early compressor failure. When a cooler is undersized it will run continuously. One of the problems is the formation of ice on the coil, eventually freezing the coil. When the coil is frozen the fans cannot work and your box will heat up. And while a timer and electric defrost can help you are still working with a poorly design system that will lead to higher utility costs.

When a system is over-sized the system will recover the heat exchange rapidly and the system will turn off quickly, preventing the system from running properly. A fair comparison would be if every time you got in your car to travel a mile you floored it the whole way. The result would be that you would be using more gas and stressing your engine, shortening the life of the motor.

Understanding the uniqueness of your products and circumstances, and how your production interfaces with your cold storage or processing room is the key to a successful installation. Turn Key Systems addresses these concerns and more when we design your system. We take the time and make the effort to understand all the variables of your business so that you can be assured of many years of efficient reliability.

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